Welcome to Crooked Creek Whitetails Hunting Preserve

Located in East Central Illinois

1 1/2 hours from Indianapolis, IN and 2 1/2 hours from Chicago, IL


You pay the list price of the class of deer you wish to harvest. Gun hunts are guaranteed, no kill no pay minus the deposit. Archery hunts are not guaranteed. If blood is drawn on the animal you pay for that animal. We will make every effort possible to find the wounded animal. You may also upgrade at the time of hunt based on availability. One Non-hunting guest is welcome FREE of charge.

All Hunts Include:    One-on-One Guide

                                   Lodging, Meals, Snacks and drinks

                                   Caping/Field Dressing

                                   Permits for Hunting and Fishing


2015 Price List

                                            120-139"             Class          $2,750.00

                                            140-149"             Class          $3,350.00

                                            150-159"             Class          $4,150.00

                                            160-169"             Class          $4,950.00

                                            170-179"             Class          $5,750.00

                                            180-189"             Class          $6,750.00

                                            190-199"             Class          $8,000.00

                                            200-219"             Class          $9,500.00

                                            220-249"             Class          $12,500.00

                                            250" +                 Class          $Call for Pricing


Scoring is based on the traditional B & C method, GROSS total inches.

A $500.00 non-refundable deposit is required at the time a reservation is made.


Optional: Velvet hunts available call for details.

Taxidermist available upon request.


                      References available upon request.

                            Prices subject to change without notice.